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We principally use our own grown apples, which include a large number of different varieties.  The apples are gathered and picked by hand.  After sorting, washing, crushing and pressing, the juice of these apples is blended to produce our unique character of craft cider.   


Fermentation is carried out slowly over the winter.  By the following spring it is time to transfer the cider to fresh containers, and once it settles to become crystal clear the finished cider is finally transferred to our final sales packaging, either “bag-in-box” containers for draft cider, or bottled by a commercial bottling plant for our sparkling bottled cider. 


Our ciders are normally dry in style. 


Currently we are offering “Stennack Extra Dry” sparkling bottled cider at 6% ABV.


This cider is extra-dry in style as we allow a long and slow fermentation.  We do not use artificial sweeteners.  Due to the relatively high alcohol content (6% vol 500ml) this cider should be consumed only in moderation! 

Stennack Extra Dry is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, and placed third at the Royal Cornwall show in 2022.

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Stennack Cider Logo
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Stennack Extra Dry is available to purchase at the following locations:

Dune Stores & Surf, Hayle

Sportsmans Arms / Wild Duck Shop, Pencoys, Four Lanes

Cornish Organics, Four Lanes

Mounts Bay Wine Co, 19a Bread Street, Penzance

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